Preferred Industrial Contractors, Inc.

Preferred Industrial Contractors, Inc. provides the following services to the power, chemical processing, petroleum refining, food and beverage, and biotechnical industries:


Our Process Systems Engineering (PSE) is second to none. Our understanding and innovation in the areas of design, operation, control, and optimization of chemical, physical, and biological processes are enhanced through the aid of systematic computer-based methods.

Whether your facility design dictates a multiproduct batch plant, distillation systems, or reactor networks, our hierarchical decomposition approach takes in everything from in-put to output including recycle structures, separation sequencing and all important to today's world... energy integration.

That's just the beginning. Our PSE hierarchical approach excels due to our specialization in systems controls and automation. Taking in feed and product rate control, recycle rates, and composition, product and intermediate stream composition, temperature, energy balance, and inventory regulation, strategic control loops affecting the economic performance of the facility are emphasized with the focus on product rate, overall conversion and product quality.

At Preferred Industrial Contractors, Inc., process and control systems design functions work in parallel to provide alternatives and innovation for both at each step along the way.


  • Sitework
  • Foundations
  • Secondary Containment

Full range of sitework services including: Excavation and Grading, Trenching, Road Construction, and Shoring. We also perform all aspects of concrete foundation work.


  • Steel Fabrication
  • Erection
  • Process Skid Fabrication

Industrial steel from engineering through fabrication to erection. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced management coupled with the highest quality craftsmen in the industry make us the right contractor to handle your industrial structural requirements.

We routinely fabricate and erect pipe supports, trusses, single and multi-level building columns, platforms, ladders, handrails, overhead condenser supports, bridging, racks, pipe shoes, and pre-engineered metal buildings.


  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power and Control Wiring
  • Cable Trays

Industrial electrical contractor offering a complete range of engineering and construction services including: electrical design, electrical equipment installation, cable tray routing, conduit routing, wiring and commissioning.


  • PLC and DCS Configuration
  • Process Instrumentation

Controls and instrumentation services including engineering, design, configuration, construction and commissioning.


  • ANSI B31.1 and B31.3 Fabrication
  • Erection

Engineer, design, spool, fabricate and erect piping of virtually all metallurgies for industrial clients. Our shop pipe fabrication facilities and highly skilled workforce allows us to fabricate pipe in virtually all metallurgies, schedules and sizes to your most demanding specifications. Our management staff and highly skilled craftsmen can set up and handle the most demanding field piping fabrication requirements.


  • ASME Pressure Vessel Engineering and Fabrication
  • “U”, “R” and “S” Stamps

We engineer and fabricate custom pressure vessels in virtually all metallurgies, sizes and wall thicknesses. Our state-of-the-art fabrication facility, stringent quality control, and highly skilled machinists and welders allow us to confidently fabricate or repair virtually any pressure vessel or tank.


  • Set and Flange Process Equipment
  • Align and Couple Driven Equipment

We know the value and importance of proper equipment setting and alignment. Our team of highly skilled millwrights and craftsmen take pride in performing equipment erection services focused on the long-term operation of our clients’ equipment.